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Aerofonctions is a recognized specialist in the manufacturing of composite structures completely dedicated to aeronautics. We specialize in the lay-up process with autoclave curing, we offer a vast variety of monolithic or sandwich composites parts made with glass, aramid or graphite, pre-impregnated with phenolic or epoxy resins. The applications can be:


  • Interior components: cockpit, passenger seats, VIP furnishing. The critical characteristics are the visual quality. Main requirements: fire/smoke/toxicity, cosmetic.
    Capot d'hélice A400M
  • Structures: fairings, main avionic bay structure for the NH90, A400M propeller spinner containers for flotation systems for which the quality monitoring requires NDT.



  • Equipment: electrical boxes, air systems and air ducts for which the critical characteristics are the leak rate and pressure tests.
  • According to the requirements, these parts are delivered equipped with fasteners, paint... We can supply full integrated systems including final ATR.
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